Ubique Corporation Ltd.

Specializing in international trade and services.

Ubique Corporation LLC.

Specializing in international trade and services.


All kind of garments items are supplied by us from Bangladesh. We manage opperations on behalf of our foreign clients locally.


We are trading Yarn and Fabric of knit and woven catagory.


We are providing: SEO, Affiliate Marketing, lead generation, web design & hosting, data & networking solution, software development services. We also have a VoIP Telecom license.


As Bangladesh is the best jute producing country in the world. We are able to offer raw jute and jute goods as per clients needs.


We are able to offer raw, processed and leather items from Bangladesh.


We trade Refined Sugar, Rice, Wheat, Soybean oilt,Lentil


We are able to offer bagda and black tiger shrimps from Bangladesh.


We are marketing Capital King Invesment International Inc. loan for Bangladesh.

Yarn, Fabric and Garment(Int.)

  • Primark, UK.

  • Penneys, Ireland.

  • Dunnes, Ireland.

  • WE, Netherland.

  • Debenham, UK

  • Bartony, UK.

  • Marks & Spenser, UK.

  • Nortons SPA, Italy.

  • Thairong Inter Biz, Thailand.

  • Lucky Tex, Thailand.

  • Toray Jifa, China.

  • Calvin International, Hong Kong.

  • Yarn, Fabric and Garment(BD)

  • Shaneen Group.

  • Mohammadi Group.

  • Mohammadi Dyeing & Printing.

  • Hyopshin Co. Ltd., DEPZ.

  • Paramount Textile Mills.

  • Dongme Textile Mill Ltd.

  • Interfeb Group.

  • Interstof Group.

  • Florence Fashion.

  • Kimbarly Apparel.

  • Pusan Group.

  • Ananta Group.

  • Master Textile Ltd.

  • Shepard Group.

  • Telecom and IT Solutions

  • Ericsson BD.

  • KuhuTeL (USA).

  • LLc Services (USA)

  • AOptix.

  • Zamir Telecom, UK.

  • Deshi Digital SDN. BHD. (Malaysia)

  • Naza Group. (Malaysia)

  • Extra Mile Dimension. (Malaysia)

  • BTCL.

  • Global Voice.

  • Jute

  • M/S Banglar Ash.

  • M/S Amin Brothers.

  • Shrimps

  • Ooredoo Group. (Dubai)

  • Leather Items

  • Bay lether.

  • Commodity

  • Trading Corporation of Bangladesh.


    Business is more of idea proliferation rather than investing. Ubique Corporation Ltd. intends to come up with new services to meet the demand compatible to the contingencies of new millennium. Traditionally we are a trading company, over 37 years of experience in deferent sectors of business. As the partners have good connections with countries commercial and the political key persons, we are committed to geastrategic alliance with foreign partner to explore the unlimited potential.
    Ubique Corporation Ltd. in tends to be the first organization in Bangladesh to provide a comprehensive package of products from one gateway and our prime focus is to serve our clients better with creative solution.
    We are interested for any strategic alliance with any partner to explore the unlimited potentiality. We would like to be the leader in local business by providing a multi-featured solution from a single gateway.


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    We are interested for any strategic alliance with any partner to explore the unlimited potentiality.

    Dhaka office –
    Apt: 3/D, 41/A Purana Paltan
    Dhaka – 1000 Bangladesh.

    U.S.A office –
    5529 1st Avenue Birmingham, Al 35212